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December 6, 2006


The Illinois Department of Agriculture has made it known that if your pet was removed from the veterinary clinics in Illinois that it is very possible that that loved family member was not cremated but rather taken to the landfill.

It is not illegal to landfill animals in Illinois.  The question for the pet owners is, why are they paying for cremation and the pets end up in the trash pile.  DVM Ernst, Director of the Illinois Deportment of Agriculture, office is directing people who have animals for disposal to take them to the local landfill. All vehicles transporting dead animals in Illinois are registered with the Agricultural department and carry AG permits.  New cremation facilities owned by the Human Funeral Industry advertising false pet business names are removing pets from the Veterinary clinics for cremation, but ultimately find their way to the local landfill.

Thomas Carroll, President of the Illinois Association of Pet Crematories is looking into accusations of consumer fraud and deceptive business practices by these new facilities as well as the cremation capacities of the crematories in question, charging for the cremation of animals removed from Veterinary hospitals across the State.

"There sure looks like fraud to me" The FOI information requested through the Illinois State licensing agency's has brought light to a disturbing issue, consumer fraud in Human Funeral Pet Cremation. We will be investigating this further and bringing up this issue with the Illinois Attorney General's office as soon as we receive more information. This is not the first time the Human Funeral industry has been found to be cheating people of cremation services, Tri State crematory in Georgia was found to be sinking human body's in lakes and replacing ashes with cement, were is the oversight by the licensing authorities? Carroll Said.

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